Solid Fuel Fired Hot Water Generator

Solid Fuel Fired Hot Water Generator

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The Solid Fuel Fired Hot Water Generator is apt for numerous industries across India and abroad in the swiftly altering and unreliable energy environment. Thermotech's substantial design of vertical heaters united with essential furnace offers you a guarantee of the valued production on any solid fuels without negotiating on performance. Thermotech can distribute maintainable solution to cater to your procedure requirement and thus enhance process constancy and reduce interruption leading to additional increase in profitability.

  • The system is appropriate for chief food processing industry like Tea processing, coconut processing, pharmaceuticals, corn drying, onion drying, sesame drying, etc.
  • The system is appropriate to heat water to about 250 Deg. C with ignition of any solid fuels like coal, bagasse, wood, corn cobs, lignite, agro-waste, pet coke, etc..
  • System is integrated with all securities and controls well demarcated for safe process without smaller maintenance.