Crude Oil Heater

Crude Oil Heater

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Crude oil heating usages are excessive usages for the heater due to convective heat transfer design. The unvarying flux thickness around the procedure coil permits for uniform heating of the crude oil therefore dipping coking of the procedure tubes. This even heat flux decreases tube hot spots and stops sizzling of the crude oil. Its control system also offers precise procedure temperature control for uniform heating of the procedure crude oil.

Crude Oil Heater Features :

  • Convection heat transfer resultant in an even low heat transfer flux rate
  • Probable tube wall temperatures deprived of hot spots
  • Short flame burner stops tube flame impingement
  • Exactness temperature control for uniform gentle heating of the method
  • Rapid reply to heat load supplies
  • Forced draft burner stops flashback
  • Dangerous area controls